Psychotherapy Services
Abigail M. McNally, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist and Psychoanalyst
O: (617) 492-0750
Psychotherapy Services
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This treatment approach is a once or twice weekly interpersonally-based psychotherapy that focuses on the development of insight into and freeing of unconscious motivations and the impact of early relational history on present sense of self in relation to others.  This model is challenging yet client-centered and conversational.

Psychotherapy Services
Dr. Abigail McNally offers a range of outpatient psychotherapy services.  Below is a brief description of several areas of expertise.
This therapeutic model is an intensified, deeper version of psychodynamic psychotherapy that aims to pull apart rigid, unhealthy, or developmentally young layers of emotion, meaning, and self-protective defenses and restructure them into a healthier and more peaceful sense of self.  This treatment is variably structured in ways that best facilitate the continual opening up of a client's access to his/her mind (e.g., lying on a couch to think freely without the burden of eye contact or attending 4-5 sessions per week to allow gradual deepening of opened themes).

PTSD/Trauma Treatment
An area of specialization in Dr. McNally's pracitce is in the integrative treatment of traumatic experience and disorder (PTSD, sexual abuse, DID, complex PTSD).  Her work in this area embraces a combination of psychodynamic therapy, exposure therapy, cognitive processing therapy, and internal family ssytems approaches.

Eating Disorder Treatment
​Dr. McNally's approach to eating disorders is a theoretically integrative one that combines strategies from psychodynamic, internal family systems (IFS), and dialectical-behavioral (DBT) models.  Treatment is tailored to the client's unique needs and symptom severity and focuses on a development-enhancing relationship that repairs emotion regulations deficits, loosens maladaptive and rigid coping strategies, and builds a life worth living.

Professional supervision and consultation provided in psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, eating disorder treatment, trauma/PTSD, and borderline personality disorder.